Martin Salama-2“I help separated or divorced men and women, who are feeling unsure about what’s happening with their lives, like how to stay connected with their kids or how to juggle their new financial roles, and more, figure out their next steps so they can happily move forward in their new lives.”

Martin Salama – Coaching to Create a New Life After Divorce with Infinite Possibilities!

Helping Men and Women Recover from the Emotional Pain of Divorce to Create a New Life and New Love.      

When I got married, I really believed it was forever. As with many times in life, things don’t always go as planned. The ups and downs of life can take a toll on a marriage. For almost 5 years, my wife and I were working on a huge business project together. In the summer of 2008, we were granted all the necessary city approvals. Just as we thought that all of the investment of time, energy & money was about to pay off it was at the same time the economic world fell apart. We lost everything and it was just too much for our marriage to handle. In February 2010, my wife of 25 years asked for a divorce. I felt many feelings; anger, fear, shame, loneliness. Shortly after, I moved out of our house in NJ and moved back to my childhood neighborhood in Brooklyn. I can’t even begin to tell you how emotionally difficult that was. A year later the divorce was finalized.

At about the same time in 2010, when my wife asked for a divorce, I decided that it was time for me to reflect on my life and re-invent myself. I decided to become a life coach. When I started my training, I didn’t know what field I wanted to focus my coaching. As a result of going through the training, it also helped me recover from the emotional pains of the divorce process.

Recovering from the divorce wasn’t easy. I learned a lot about myself and the areas I needed to improve, like my temper, my self-esteem, and my ability to rationalize and blame everyone else for my problems. Looking back now, I wouldn’t change a thing. As a result of my experiences, I decided to become a divorce coach. More specifically a divorce recovery coach, so that you don’t to have to suffer thru feelings of why me…or a lack of self-confidence…or fighting with your Ex….or fear of losing touch with your children…or uncertainty of going back out into the dating scene after all this time.

Through working with clients, I developed a 7-step system to help others recover, so you can feel that sense of self-worth…co-exist with your Ex…have a great relationship with you kids…get back into dating so you can create a new happy life and new love.

The healing process begins by taking the Divorce Recovery Assessment. The assessment helps you and me, together pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back from moving on and breaking free from your divorce pain. The Divorce Recovery Assessment also illustrates what you’re unconsciously broadcasting that might keep you from recovering so you can begin feeling confident, empowered and capable of creating a new life and having that relationship you always dreamed of.

The healing process for me was accomplished by understanding who I was before and who I am now. The assessment helped me begin my journey of recovery. Each person’s process is different and a lot of how you recover is up to you, it’s your choice. What’s great about working with a coach is that we expedite the healing process together.

I’ve put the past behind me. I no longer feel anger towards my ex-wife and as a matter of fact we have an open line of communication with regards to our children. My self-confidence has greatly increased, I have a great relationship with my kids and I’m dating with a new sense of self-worth !  

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