Why it’s important to recover from your divorce

How are you recovering from the emotional effects that inevitably come with divorce? Whether you’re divorced for five days or five years, it is very important that you recover from the emotional pains you suffered. Also, it doesn't matter if you asked for the divorce, or if you were the one was asked. If you asked out, you were probably experiencing so much pain that you couldn't take anymore. If you were the one that was asked, perhaps you … [Read more...]

Author to Watch Recognition: Martin Salama

 AUDIO INTERVIEW: Click here to Listen to more from Martin and Donna by clicking here Congratulations to Martin Salama, our inaugural “Author to Watch.” Note from Donna Kozik: Martin Salama is a graduate of “Write a Book in a Weekend” and components of his book, including cover design, were produced by “Done for You Publishing.” He is also a member of my “Author Mastermind & Network” and a team captain in the “Power of 5 Action Challenge.” … [Read more...]

Expectations within Relationships

What do you expect from all of the people in your life and what do they expect from you? Lately, there’s a HUGE divide in family relationships and everyone is talking about it.  It could be your siblings, your children your parents and even your friends. Well, you get the idea. Inherent in basically every relationship is you think that the other person just innately understands what you expect from them, and the same is true visa-versa. As I … [Read more...]

Stay Connected with your Kids

When you’re the parent who doesn’t live with your kids full time, it’s important to let them know every chance you get that you love them, and they're the most important things in your life. In today’s world of technology it’s easier than ever to accomplish this: Text messages – If your children are old enough to have cell phones, text them every once in a while with little notes of encouragement, love, and that you’re proud of … [Read more...]

No More Fighting with Your Ex

Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, especially if you have kids, your Ex will always be your Ex. So they’ll probably be part of your life in some way. How you decide to relate with him or her is completely up to you. If you think that it’s up to them that’s where the problem starts. The first thing you should understand and accept, not only with your Ex, but with every kind of relationship you have, how you choose to “show up” is … [Read more...]