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Marni Batistta“Martin’s 7 Step System is a powerful way to not only just get “over” a divorce or breakup, but to truly recover in a way that allows you to be open to loving again. A must read!”


– Marni Battista, CPC, ME.Ed, CEO www.DatingWithDignity.com

Alan Aranoff

“Martin Salama’s book is a great read.  As a trained Life Coach who experienced a difficult divorce, he speaks from the heart and offers sound advice.  Based on a 7-step process, Mr. Salama offers the reader hope and a methodology to move forward.  He teaches how to transition the feelings of shame and failure that so many experience during a divorce to true happiness.” 

– Alan Aronoff, Certified Professional Coach and author of  “Diet Success Strategies – 67 Ways to take control of your food and your life”  www.dietsuccessstrategies.com

Ricky Cohen“The 7 Step program is actionable, real, and easy to understand. The book allows readers to take the first steps towards rebuilding after a divorce and become even stronger than they were before. By presenting his own experiences and real stories of his clients, Martin shows how anyone can recover if they put their mind to it and do a real self-evaluation. Your life doesn’t end just because your marriage did, and Martin’s book is proof of that.”

– Ricky Cohen author of  “Risk To Succeed”  www.rickycohen.org

photo“Those of us that have experienced divorce know the devastation it can bring.Our daily routine, when ripped away, can create a dark cloud that touches everything we feel and do, in every part of our life.How do we get out from under that dark cloud? This book serves as a catalyst for healing from negativity, despair, and sadness – to hopeful, positive, and happy.Martin Salama understands and deals with the dynamics of both the inner world and the outer world of his reader.In a compassionate and eye-opening way, the 7 steps in the book are clear, inspiring, and motivating.They reveal exactly how to transition and transform one’s life from the difficulty of divorce to the path of healing and creating the life and the love one deserves – with an empowering, satisfying, and sustainable outcome. While most of us view love relationships as something that just happens and that the outcome of that relationship is out of hands, it need not be the case. After reading this book you will forever view love relationships in a new way, understanding what is truly possible and within your reach.He knows the steps one needs to transition through divorce like the back of his hand; he’s lived it himself.His abundance of tangible tools to process through the different feelings and stages of divorce, to help one to move forward, makes evident his enormous knowledge in coaching individuals through this very process.He knows what it takes and he knows how to deliver what one needs and wants to make that transition and transformation whole. If you, a friend, or a loved one, is going through divorce, you would be doing yourself or them a favor to present this book.It is certain to achieve the results you want, and the roadmap to creating the life and the love you deserve.And, it’s a great read!”

– Corri Milner, CPC, ELI-MP  Corri Coaching

Jack Doueck“In his book, Martin Salama has done a service to all adults who want to overcome adversity and recover from divorce. Martin is a coach with extensive experience, an author with a clear and simple writing style, and an amazing person with a warm smile and a compassionate heart. I read it in one sitting!” 

– Jack Doueck, author of “Joseph: How One Man Can Make a Difference”

“Martin is a great coach. He has a great ability to connect with his clients which allows them to achieve outstanding results.”

– Dan C.

“Martin is a great listener. He did not shy away from dealing with my difficult emotions (sorrow, loss, grief) with calmness and compassionate support and later asked the right questions to help make things better. Martin asked the right questions to help me get to the bottom of what was bothering me and to figure out what to do about it. I have enjoyed coaching sessions with Martin and have really been able to make progress. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach.”

– Cathy S.