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How’s Your Love Life? Start Over By Creating Your Sexy Soul Love Map

Join Host Martin Salama, Your Divorce Recovery Coach, & his guest Sexy Soul Liberator, Jodie Rodenbaugh, as they discuss how to startover in your love lfe no matter what’s happened to you in the past.  Jodie’s Sexy Soul Makeover has help women recognize what’s happened in the past & how to let go of it to create your new Sexy Soul Love Map.




Living on Higher Ground with Paul Lawrence Vann

Join host Martin Salama and his Guest, Author Paul Lawrence Vann as they discuss his book, “Living on Higher Ground: How to live with passion, motivation and joy”.




How to Reclaim Your Life!

Join host Martin Salama, Your Divorce Recovery Coach, as he welcomes his guest, Certified Professional Coach Mal Duane, as they discuss:
Learn how to increase your self esteem
Discover how to improve your-self care
Take steps to become more peaceful and build inner happiness


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Interview of Martin Salama by Gina Akao




Rec divorce for FB



Click Here to check out Martin being interviewed by Best Selling Author Mal Duane.




50 Shades of Coming Out 2




50 Shades of Coming Out…Not Exactly What You May Think  

Join host Martin Salama, Your Divorce Recovery Coach & his guest Rick Clemons, The Coming Out Coach, as they discuss how coming out may sometimes involve divorce. When it does, what are the emotional scars that not only come out for the individual, but for their Ex as well?



The Clear Creative Hour hosted by Karmen Lizzul interviews Martin Salama, Your Divorce Recovery Coach




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 Interview with Book Writing Maven, Donna Kozik – Martin Salama as Featured Author to Watch







Listen to Martin’s Debut Radio Show discussing his 7 Steps To Recover from Divorce in his recently published book “Recovering from Divorce: 7 Steps to Recover Without Drama to Create a New Life”

Life Coach Radio Network: Recovering from Divorce, with Martin Salama


4-agreements book

Reviewing Super Soul Sunday – Oprah’s interview with don Miguel Ruiz Episode with Life Coach Chat Channel hosts Amy Dawidowicz, Danielle Mercurio, & Martin Salama

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Life Catalyst: Life, Love & The Pursuit of Happiness! – With International Life Coach Radio hosts Amy Dawidowicz & Martin Salama

Families and Relatives

Life Catalysts: Expectations Within Relationships – with Life Coach Chat Channel hosts Amy Dawidowicz & Martin Salama

Lisa Kaplin

Secrets for Women to Step Out of Stepford w/ Dr. Lisa Kaplin. Interviewed by Martin Salama


New Show: New You, New Life, New Relationship, New Business 3 more Coaches – Danielle Mund, Erika Finn & Martin Salama will make their debut Tuesday night! We hope you’ll tune in to hear their stories – and of course how they help people. We’ll cover Life, Divorce, Entrepreneurism, Women and a lot more.  


Reviewing Super Soul Sunday -Oprah’s interview of Brene Brown author of Daring Greatly with Life Coach Channel hosts Amy Dawidowicz & Martin Salama

bri (251x201) (2)Are You Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired of Your Partner? What do you do when your other half is not moving at the same pace as you?    Join hosts Amy Dawidowicz and Martin Salama and discover the missing link in your love chain.  This episode will dive deep in to communication breakdown and create that bridge you’ve been waiting to cross to make that love connection.. 


Super Soul Sunday After Show: Oprah & Anne Lamott – Prayer  Super Soul Sunday with Amy Dawidowicz, Martin Salama and Veronica Taylor for the discussion on beloved bestselling author Anne Lamott with Oprah in Maui to talk about the 3 types of prayer that can help anyone through challenging times. Plus, she opens up about her own recovery from addiction, and her ongoing commitment to appreciate the sacred in everyday life